What to say on these silly about pages is the ultimate question I ponder.  I had to write a bio for my Amazon Author page in 2015.  That will wreck your head.  What can I say?

On the political side of things, I’m a conservitarian (conservative libertarian).  I believe in FREEDOM.  The UNITED STATES of AMERICA was founded on that principle above all others.   Though, I’m no longer an impressionable youngling, so I do believe in a constrained rule of law, one that works for the people, not against them.

I grew up being told that I could do anything, yet doctors so callously stated that I wouldn’t live past 2, 5, 10, 15, 18, 21, 30, and so on.  I am now in my mid forties and still going strong.  I have been fighting the Affordable Care Act since its inception.  It’s a bloated government masterpiece meant to turn us all into numbers, thus mere servants.  The moment the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare mandate, I knew we were all in for a fight.  The new proposed bill published yesterday is a joke and an affront to conservative principles.

I have dealt with medical issues all of my life, so I have dealt with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies my entire life.  Insurance is more expensive than it used to be.  There is only one Obamacare health insurance provider in my state, and it is becoming harder and harder to get medication “Authorized” that I’ve been on for over a decade.  It’s absolute insanity.

I’ll be back once I come up with a proper about page.  🙂



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